Who Has The Right to Make Decisions About Your Funeral

Cremation and burial are some of the most stressful and heartbreaking events in life. However, they’re less stressful if there is a discussion and decision made beforehand by the family members. In the past, cremation used to be treated with suspicion. Surprisingly, it has become prominent and highly accepted as a suitable alternative for traditional burial. This is why we have Calimesa cremation services for a new experience and special treat for your loved ones. Cremation is ideal if considered and discussed ahead of time.

The decedent’s church or civil service may also be involved in cremation. First and foremost, the coffin is taken to the crematorium. Then ashes are presented to the family one or two days after cremation. The choice on what to do with the ashes is ideally predetermined with the deceased and the close relatives. 

If you choose to preserve the ashes, memorial urns are used to suit all preferences. Ornate boxes stand to be the other suitable option. The ashes must however not be kept in the house. For instance, you can place it at decedent’s favorite spot in the garden. Otherwise, you can opt to bury the ashes or disperse it at the deceased favorite place. However, you should consider the impact on the family if the home happens to be sold later on in life. 

Even though most cemeteries are to the full capacity, you may also consider burying the ashes there. You may choose to place the urn on one of the relative’s headstone or bury it in the same plot with a relative. Most cemeteries often have beautiful gardens that offer the best environment to bury the ashes and mark by a plaque in honor of the dead. Otherwise, you can use relatively modern columbariums. These refer to specially made vaults attached to a church. These vaults (outdoor areas) are designated for the ashes of the decedent parishioners. 

The other option is to scatter the ashes. Some people may prefer the spread of their ashes in special places. For instance, thrown out of planes or from boats by the family where a memorial service is often held or may as well be a private affair. 

Beware that decisions on cremation and burial should ideally be discussed and agreed upon beforehand. The decedent should be pleased when his/her wished, and preferences are met and fulfilled. The wishes may be in the will, and probably, the immediate family will be pleased by the decisions made by their deceased. For the best last respect, go for Calimesa cremation services. You will enjoy the facilities and your decedents will be treated with maximum respect.