Employee Rights Attorney Group, to Assert Your Rights

Workers’ rights are often violated with impunity. This has happened at all times and everywhere, but the problem seems to become more acute in turbulent eras and densely populated regions, where immigration, the circulation of human capital and job offers intersect at a dizzying pace.

Yet the question arises: How is it possible that in advanced countries like the United States, or in states as developed as California, labor rights are still violated with impunity? Two fundamental factors contribute to this, although of course there are others. One is ignorance. The other is fear.

Many employees are not fully aware of their labor rights. Some do not even imagine they can enforce them. Others fear that reporting abuse or violation could lead to financial insecurity, dismissal and even, in extreme cases, direct retaliation.

However, the solution to these and other dilemmas is available, more affordably than ever before. There are employee rights attorneys with the ability to offer customized legal solutions and aggressively represent their clients until their claims are enforced.

Hiring an employment law specialist is vital in circumstances of abuse or wrongful termination. It provides the victim with the emotional and legal support necessary to face such a daunting challenge.

This California firm, specializing exclusively in employment law matters in the state, realizes that disputes with an employer are often overwhelming. These disputes directly impact an employee’s ability to earn an income and live decently. They even impair their health. That’s why the firm offers the affected party facilities from the outset and takes care to work closely with him or her in resolving the dispute.

This firm does not make up surprise charges. It only gets paid if you win and, consequently, you make money.


At-will employment has been used by employers in California to cover up terminations motivated by discrimination or other malicious reasons. But California also has many laws and regulations that favor the employee.

For example, the state prohibits an employer from firing you for refusing to work in unsafe conditions or for simply protesting unsafe conditions.

Whether the issue is an oppressive work environment, harassment or wrongful termination based on race, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, age, pregnancy or any other issue, your problem must be addressed. In California you have substantial advantages, and law firms like Employee Rights Attorney Group enforce them.