How to Choose A Great Wedding Destination Venue in the Austin, Texas Area

You are now probably the happiest person in the world after getting engaged to the love of your life and planning for your wedding ceremony to become a couple. But where exactly are you planning to hold your wedding ceremony?

 After making the life-changing decision to get married, the next big decision a soon-to-be couple makes is the venue for their ceremony and reception. Even though there are plenty of wedding venues to choosing, find the one that catches your eye and fits withing your budget is quite a big task. In this article, we have rounded up 5 important things that you need to consider when finding a venue for your big day ceremony and reception. 

1 Capacity 

One of the most important considerations when selecting a wedding venue is space. Before you start your search for the best venue, it’s very important to create a list of the guests you intend to invite in your wedding ceremony. If your guest list is big, then many banquet halls and churches may not be able to accommodate everyone. And if your guests involve just your family and closest friends, then you don’t want to rattle around in a large space! So, knowing the number of guests you plan to invite to your wedding will help you narrow down your search. 

2. Style 

Most newly-engaged partners want to bring their own aesthetics into their chosen venue by bringing their own wedding planners. However, the inherent style and nature of a wedding venue is something that cannot be changed. So, it’s good to choose a wedding venue that fits within the feel and style that you are envisioning for your big day. For example, if you are planning for a whimsical wedding ceremony, then a ballroom reception or cathedral ceremony might not be the best option for you. And if you’re looking for a formal, elegant ceremony, a barn venue won’t be the best fit. 


Unless you have unlimited money, you need to consider how much you can afford for your wedding. Hiring a wedding planner can help you find a wedding venue that fits within your budget. Beyond that, you need to visit the venue yourself and talk to its manager to get a good idea on what’s included in the package and what features will lead to additional costs. This will help you compare apples to apples when you’re considering several venues.

 4. Accommodations 

If you’re planning on holding your wedding reception somewhere far from where you’re guests live, then you may want to choose a venue that offers accommodation or has nearby accommodations where your guest can spend overnight. This is also necessary if you’ll have guests coming from interstate or overseas. I know it’s your dream to hold your wedding ceremony in a charming country estate or castle but it doesn’t have accommodation nearby then the day may end badly for guests.

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