Key Reasons Why Business Owners Should Embrace SMS Marketing

Initially, text messaging was intended to hasten communication between friends and family. However, with the tremendous advancement in mobile technology, Short Message Service has been transformed into a valuable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. According to studies, nearly all Americans possess a cell phone, and a majority use them to receive and send messages, also referred to as SMS messages. More importantly, many mobile phone users are more active with SMS marketing than any other form of mobile marketing, including email and social media. Many mobile phone users adjust their phone settings to notify them when a new message is sent. A significant number of the received messages are read right away after delivery.

Despite that, not all business owners are willing to embrace SMS Messaging as a marketing tool, as some are skeptical of its effectiveness. In fact, the leading text message services are reasonably priced and straightforward to use, and offer a lot of value. Below are some of the key reasons you should embrace SMS marketing for your business regardless of its size.

Allows Customers to Opt-in and Opt-Out

SMS marketing accords the customers the freedom to opt-in and opt-out. That means a consumer can only receive deals or promotions after signing up. Opt-in marketing possesses significant benefits for businesses. One of which is that messages are only delivered to consumers who have expressed interest in your product or brand by signing up. The other advantage is that you will save on money and time that could have been spent sending texts to consumers who are unbothered in your products.

If a consumer at some point becomes uninterested in receiving your promotional messages, they have an option to opt-out of this service.

It Enhances Customer Engagement

As said earlier, many cellphone users read a text message within minutes of delivery. This makes SMS marketing an effective marketing tool for all businesses, no matter their size. However, this is not usually the case with other forms of mobile marketing such as email. In fact, many consumers have become used to their email inbox crowded with spam and undesired marketing, and a vast majority of them barely check their email for new messages. Contrary, SMS inboxes are primarily designated for messages that need to be read immediately.

And for that reason, SMS marketing has crucial benefits for business owners. The consumers on your contact list are passionately willing to take part in your promotional drive while at the same time reading your messages immediately after they receive them. Although it may not be the most effective marketing tool, SMS marketing undoubtedly offers the best value for your money.

Relatively Affordable

Businesses with a limited marketing budget can significantly benefit from SMS marketing as it is a bit inexpensive. Sending a text message is less costly than placing an ad in front of a prospective customer. Despite discrepancies in prices, many reputable platforms like allow you to send hundreds to thousands of messages at reasonable rates. This will enable you to engage your consumers while keeping your business afloat continually.