How to Stop Negative Energy From Entering Your Home

Do you feel as if you are living inside a black cloud of self-doubt, misery, and hopelessness? If negative energy is burdening your body and soul, it will hinder you from being the happy, self-realized person you are striving to become. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reverse the trend.


Misery loves company, but so does happiness. Take a good look at the people you are allowing to get close to you. When it comes to the complainers, criticizers, insulters and malicious gossips, gently push them as far away from your inner circle as possible. Replace them with positive people who actually make you feel good when you’re with them.


Nothing can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and depressed like a messy home, car or office. It’s often hard to get the ball rolling, but you might be surprised at how therapeutic it is to purge your life of the things you haven’t worn or used in years. At the end of the process, you will see and feel a renewed sense of clarity.


It sounds corny, but it really is true that your outlook will improve if you recognize the negative things you say to yourself day in and day out and make a concerted effort to transform these statements into uplifting ones. Journaling and a daily commitment to repeating positive affirmations are both excellent ways to retrain your own inner voice for the good.


Pamper yourself in a very warm and physical way by soaking in long, hot baths infused with sea salt or deliciously fragrant essential oils. Doing so will relax your muscles and give you a time and place for peaceful thought and contemplation. In addition, the oils and salts will help to balance your energy as your stress ebbs away into the warm water.


Tranquility is an excellent healing cure, but so is exercise. It increases your production of the feel-good hormone called serotonin, which works to lower stress and anxiety and battle depression. Whether you go for long walks, lift weights, do yoga or run, the key is the mind-clearing qualities of the workout itself.


The way you look to yourself and others can also have a profound influence on how you feel. Take time to dress in the way you find to be most comfortable and expressive of the vibe you want to spread. Accessories such as spiritual crystal jewelry by Mindful Souls can also give you the extra confidence and earth-based energy boost you need.

Don’t live for another minute under the dark storm cloud of negativity that is dragging you down. You are worth every second of the time you should devote to clearing out your life and attracting the people and things that will bring you joy. Now is the moment to make a lasting transformation!