Spine MD for Back Pain

At Spine MD, you’re going to have the top surgical team work with you to determine if you need surgery or if there are other approaches for you to beat the back pain you’re suffering from. Doctor Lanman is not only a specialist in his field, but is also working with a team of experts who will help diagnose and set up a treatment plan that is going to address the concerns you have as a patient. In some instances, patients want to avoid surgery at all costs. Others want to undergo a procedure so they can eliminate the pain they are dealing with. Dr. Lanman is not only going to help strike a happy and healthy medium, but is also going to suggest a series of options to help treat the pain and help get the patient back on their feet in no time.

Today, technology has made it much easier to diagnose and treat different types of back pain. For example, slipping a disc might not require surgery; in the past, surgeons were not able to diagnose this or offer alternatives for treatment. With the best equipment in office, the surgical team will not only determine what is causing your pain, but also what the best methods are for treating it. Again, surgery is not the only solution. So, you want to visit a surgical specialist and back treatment clinic, that is going to discuss all viable options with you. If you can prevent surgery, and if there are simpler tools for treating your pain, and for treating the underlying causes which have led to the pain you suffer from, this is a solution you might want to consider as a patient. 

No matter how bad the pain has gotten or how limited your mobility is, Dr. Lanman and his team can assist you and help you get back on your feet in no time. Whether you’re coming in for a second opinion or just need to visit a surgeon that cares and knows what he is doing, you’re in the right place when you choose to visit Spine MD in LA. So, feel free to visit our office today, and make sure you give us a call or contact us online, so that we can set up your in office consultation, and help get a treatment plan going to treat your pain and discomfort today.