Ways to Build Strategic Relationships With The Who’s Who of Social Media

Today’s Public relations has expanded its activity from building relationships with journalists to building relationships with bloggers. On the part of the latter, voices about inadequate treatment are heard from time to time. Bloggers complain about mass mailings, lack of specific offers, failure to write public relations on messages, etc.

To understand bloggers, one must realize that their activity is based primarily on passion. It, in turn, makes them emotionally approach their creations and their fans. The second issue is that they are aware of their marketing potential. Therefore, all kinds of attempts to do something forcibly, or cooperation in the barter, meet with resistance.

Here are the five tips that will help build relationships with thousand bloggers.

First of all: find the right bloggers
Not every blogger will be suitable for every brand. Financial bloggers complain about receiving proposals from companies that have nothing to do with finances. However, lifestyle creators are tormented by recommendations related to the promotion of loans. No wonder that this causes frustration among bloggers.

To find the right people you can use tools such as Social Nation (a device that collects and groups influential creators by category), evergreen outreach or all kinds of rankings of the most influential bloggers. Nothing, however, substitutes for self-verification of blogs. Having a proper contact database and personalization in communication is the basis for building relationships with bloggers.
secondly: listen to the voice/stylistics of the blog
Another necessary step is to get acquainted with the work of selected bloggers and do it 100% seriously. It involves reading a few or even a dozen entries, looking for traces that will indicate that the brand and the blogger will be on the way. It is worth to verify with which companies the person has previously cooperated.
Bloggers are increasingly placing tabs on offer with their offer, where they openly talk about their requirements. To avoid misunderstandings, you must read this information before sending a message with a proposal for cooperation.
thirdly, contact us before you submit an offer
In both traditional PR and the one transferred to the online world, the most important thing is to have a personal relationship. Therefore, it is easier to build positive links with a blogger if we talk to him personally, not only as a brand. Such activities can be started by tracking profiles in social media, sharing content, commenting. The point is to create a relationship based on authenticity and based on the culture of participation.
Fourthly, offer something new or unique
It is worth bearing in mind that the most famous creators receive at least a few proposals every day from various companies and agencies, which in most cases are probably similar to each other. Bloggers, on the other hand, non-standard value actions, the ability to test new items or stories about premiere events, because it allows them to create content that makes them fun and exciting for the audience at the same time.

Fifth: keep in touch after the end of cooperation
Relationships do not end when participation ends. It is not just about thanking you for the joint implementation of the project. It’s also good to keep track of bloggers’ activities, for example, add their blogs to your content aggregator, watch fan pages or newsletters. Maintaining regular contact will translate into later connections. Also, knowledge about what is heard from the creators can be useful at any time to implement the next campaign.