Water More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper, Say Doctors

When it comes to body hygiene, most individuals are not willing to discuss this sensitive subject. While it is admittedly not a great subject of conversation, there are still individuals who cannot help riving to their friends or other people about their bidet plus. 

Currently, the bidets are gaining popularity in most countries across the world. Anyone who uses bidets can tell you why they are perfect for your hygiene and health. The bidet provides you with unparalleled cleansing, leaving you clean and shower-fresh all day long. Here are the benefits of using a bidet over toilet papers. 

Saving the Earth and Conserving Waste

Bidets are much less stressful on the surrounding than the conventional toilet paper. Currently, most people are using toilet papers which result in the pulping of millions of trees. Also, significant amounts of water, energy as well as other materials are used to run and sustain the toilet paper industries. By using bidets, you will be in the position to eliminate 90 % of your toilet paper utilization. 

Bidets provide excellent Personal Hygiene

After using your bathroom, a toilet paper will still leave your body unclean since some residue remains on the skin. A bidet plus provides water that helps you remove any residue left on the body, making you feel incredibly refreshed and clean. Every bidet model is unique, and there are various features that you can select when you are purchasing your system. 

Some of them provide you with warm water that is soothing and cleansing and a seat warming function. Also, some models provide warm air dry options after you have finished rinsing. A dry toilet paper can’t clean your body in the same way as water, and it may also result in irritations as well as leaving some residue on the body. 

Increased Cleanliness

Water is famously known as a universal solvent which means that it is effective at cleaning your body. While personal hygiene is one of the added benefits of utilizing a bidet plus, there are other advantages such as protecting your skin from infectious illnesses that can be transmitted through skin to skin contact. 

Also, since most people do not wash their hands correctly after visiting their bathrooms, they are more likely to spread infectious illnesses to other individuals. By using the hands-free bidet, you will be in the position to reduce the germs that can be transmitted.